Soho Hibachi

Japanese Cuisine

David Roszell
Do you have any gluten free menu items?
Blake Thrasher
This was a horrible experience. I called to place an order and was told 20 minutes. I showed up 30 minutes from the time the call was placed. Went in and had a very dry experience with he cashier. She just handed me a card with no smile or any direction. I waited and waited... looking at the faces at the patrons there they where in the same boat I was. A hour after my call my 1 order plate finally was ready. No appolgy for taking so long ...nothing... we have choices and soho will not get my choice again. Terriable ran business!!
Elizabeth Wacaster
THIS is the 3rd time my family has eaten here. It's usually very good but this time it wasn't that great. The broccoli wasn't cooked long enough. The steak and shrimp was cooked too fast and not long enough! I spent over $55 on our meal. I'm very disappointed in the SOHO IN FORT Oglethorpe. This was around 7 pm.
Ppl there is very nice
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