Soho Hibachi

Japanese Cuisine


Tracy Vandergriff
Management please be aware: My husband and I visited Soho Hibachi on Jan. 7, 2017 about 6:20 p.m. We encountered the rudest employee I have ever encountered at a restaurant. She spoke very little to us during the transaction. She did not welcome or greet us, ask us what we would like to order. After I ordered NY strip dinner, I waited for her to ask me what kind of rice would I like, would I like a beverage but all I saw was her glaring off into space. I proceeded with the rest of my order (rice, beverage, etc.) since she was not interested in offering the slightest courtesy. After a very long, uncomfortable continued silence, I waited for the cashier to ask my husband what he would like to order. When she continued to not speak, I turned to my husband quite confused and said "you would think anyone who was polite or with good manners would ask the next person for their order". I had to turn my back to the cashier because I was so appalled at her rudeness. The cashier finally decide
Denise Briggs
Great place excellent food love it!
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