Soho Hibachi

Japanese Cuisine

Going tonight will critic later
Kevin Ortiz
Yes, I'm contacting you to let you know, I'm very unpleased with my Togo order. I ordered it with no onions and it's even on the receipt, and there's an overflow of onions. I didn't think it was hard to not add something to an order that stated, "no onion." But I was proved wrong.
Jo Ann Cole
Great food
john K Bankston
I ate at the Ft. Oglethorpe location today, 4/26/16. The food was good and service great. That being said I did have one problem. As I was eating my hibachi chicken I bit into a piece of bone. I finished my meal then called the girl at the register over to show her. I did not want to make a big scene but thought they might want to see it. She took it back and showed someone else as I was leaving. Im just glad a small child didnt get it. Just thought you may want to know. Thanks.
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