Soho Hibachi

Japanese Cuisine

Christel Boyd
Just want to say I ate at the Rome location yesterday (October 1st) for the first time.I have to say it was great.The food was really great, and the service was quick and friendly. The whole experience was so good we ordered take out for dinner tonight. We will definitely be visiting again, and again, and again.
Kasha Barasoain
Just wanted to say that I'm thrilled about your new location in Calhoun! Food and service were great...along with your prices!! You definitely have a repeat customer.
Angelia Carter
I would like to receive coupons. I will come soon to visit I heard that the food is really good.
K. McBee
My first visit to the Calhoun location and the people were so nice. My grandson says it's the best place to eat.
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